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The Jewelry Store’s custom design process begins with your original idea, concept, or even a piece you’ve seen in a magazine or another store. This step-by-step process leaves little to chance and results in the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible.

The design process allows customers to work within their budget to create the perfect one-of-a-kind custom jewelry creation. Additionally, this process allows the customer the opportunity to credit unworn or broken jewelry toward their redesigned piece. Gold, platinum, and silver can be melted down and used to cast a new piece. Another option afforded to our customers is to sell your precious metals at current trading prices to use toward the cost of a new piece. Precious and semi-precious gemstones can also be used in the creation of a jewelry piece designed specifically for you.

Each step of the custom jewelry design process is mindful of remaining true to your vision. We capture that inspiration using the precision of technology and individual attention to detail to create each piece with unsurpassed craftsmanship.


The Design Process

1. Consultation

The custom process begins with a consultation between the customer and our designers. This is where we discuss your ideas, inspiration, and overall look to create the basis for design. If you have saved any photos, or seen pieces in retail stores be sure to bring these for reference. Additionally, if you plan to redesign existing pieces or use scrap for this project, be sure to bring these as well.

2. Design

After reviewing the consultation ideas a sketch is drawn for customer’s approval and final comments. The sketches developed with the client are used to determine the best method to make the customers dreams a reality. Some pieces are fabricated from the selected metal, some begin as a hand-carved wax sculpture and some utilize a CAD design process that generates detailed pictures from many angles for approval and allows for precise results.

3. Wax Carving or CAD

A wax is then hand-carved from the sketch, creating an exact replica of what the piece will look like. For design instances such as a wedding band, every contour is expertly shaped to ensure little to no separation between rings. Customers can see the details and physical characteristics of the piece before it gets cast for final approval.

4. Casting

Once the customer approves the wax, the piece is cast into their metal of choice, Gold, Platinum, or Silver.

5. Fabrication

After the piece is cast into the metal form, the fabrication process involves the individual custom characteristics of the jewelry piece. Any metal add-ons are done at this time, including crowns, beading, filigree and other accents.

6. Setting

Once the fabrication is complete, the stones can be set. Each stone, large or small, is handset into the design. All stones are carefully and meticulously set and secured to ensure longevity and durability of the jewelry.

7. Finishing

The final step in the process is texturing and polishing. This gives the piece shine and luster, bringing out the brilliance in the metal as well as the stones, finalizing your custom one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

The Engagement Ring

One of the most exciting jewelry purchases of a man’s life, the engagement ring can often be a stressful decision to make. As much of our custom design business is derived from engagement ring and wedding bands, The Jewelry Store has redesigned the process to save you stress, time and money while most importantly giving her the surprise of a lifetime and the ring she has dreamed about.

This redesigned process begins with you choosing a diamond or gemstone within your budget that is unique to her. The Jewelry Store will mount your stone in an elegant Tiffany mounting in the metal of your choice.

Once you present her with the ring, the two of you come to the store and together design the mounting and wedding band of her dreams. The original Tiffany mounting will then be credited back towards your new custom designed ring. To keep with tradition, she will first see the finished custom piece when you place it on her finger during the wedding ceremony.

This process allows the couple to design a ring true to each of their unique preferences and budgets, commemorating this significant event of their lives, while still allowing the excitement of a surprise marriage proposal.

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