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The Jewerly Store Featured on 78209 Magazine

In the all too often cookie-cutter world of retail jewelry, where mass production supported by massive amounts of modern media dictates what the “fashionable” will be sporting – this season or next – it’s refreshing to encounter Old World artistry, where originality...

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Black Diamonds, Black Magic

With Halloween coming up, we thought we'd feature the old black magic of black diamonds.  Typically, the black color comes from heat treating, but occasionally, from natural inclusions. For more info, check out the GIA website.   Stay tuned for info on our...

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Free Jewelry?

Give us your email address and you're entered! Believe it or not, Christmas is around the corner (we know, yikes!). As you run around buying the perfect gift for everyone ELSE in your life, take a second to think about yourself. Wouldn't you like a free custom piece?...

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Don’t Just Ask Her: #TheRing

We’ve all seen rom coms. And if you’re thinking about popping the question, you know there are too many ways the moment can turn to queso. Here are some easy ways to personalize your proposal and BLOW HER MIND! 1. Make it all about her. What are some really specific...

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#The Ring

Your engagement ring – it’s kind of a big deal. Have you ever worried he’ll buy the wrong one? Worse yet, has he already bought the wrong one? Awkward... Here at The Jewelry Store, we think surprises are O.K., but getting what you want is BETTER. If you know he’s...

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Dirty Jewelry 9-1-1!

We’ve all been there. You’re ready to head out the door, you look in the mirror and realize that one piece of jewelry in your box will perfectly cap off your look. But when you pull it out...NO! It’s filthy. Nobody cleans your jewelry like Oscar can, but if you can’t...

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